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Appendix 9 - Camp Rule

7AM Volunteer Meeting

: there will be a mandatory meeting at 7AM every morning for all volunteers and pastors. No exceptions and sleep in. Volunteers must be responsible to be in this meeting.

No outdoor activity and quiet time after 11PM

: There are some leaseholders staying in the cabin in Nanoose Bay Camp and we are not allowed to have any activities after 11PM especially outside. All youths and volunteers must be in their own dormitory.

Smoking is not allowed in the camp area

: smoking is not allowed inside the camp area. We could be asked to leave the camp immediately if rule is not followed. Many of youths who are smokers may not be able to pause smoking for 4 days. It is important to advise them how smoking will badly impact their body but we cannot just force them to quite it right away. Even though smoking is not permitted inside the camp, caregiver brought the ashtray outside the main gate for any visitors who are smokers. If youth wants to smoke, make sure one of the small group leaders are going with them.

Youths are not allowed to leave the camp without permission

: there is a gas station 700 meter away from camp and many of youths are going there to buy snacks. Small Group Leaders should encourage them to have patience and follow the rule of not leaving the camp site. Some youths ask volunteers let them go there to buy shampoo or toothbrushes that they did not bring, but we will not allow it. Please bring extra toiletries such as toothbrushes, shampoos, or towels for youth who don't bring it and ask us let them to go out for shop.

Watch what you wear.

Already mentioned in Part 2, however, this is very important to avoid wearing short skirts, very short pants, and leggings. Too much exposed skin or going shirtless due to hot weather is discouraged to minimize any possibility of being seen as provocative to the youths. This is also applied to male volunteers. Make sure you do not take your t-shirts off while you are playing sports or play in the water. This will also violate the abuse prevention policy as well.

Boys with male leaders, girls with female leaders.

Avoid physical contact with the opposite gender youths, including the time when you are praying for them. No hugging. If a youth from an opposite gender comes to you for help or personal advice, connect the youth to same gender leader. Be careful to not be in a confined space with a youth from an opposite gender. Among the leadership, steer away from spending personal time with leader of opposite gender, even if it is a family member.

Do not mingle with other leaders

Please be with your small group youth members for the duration of the camp and try to avoid mingling with other leaders. Try your best to always stay with your small group youths. Some youths may not want to leave their room and some youths may not stay with you and take off to be with their friends. In these instances, it is not a must to stay with your youths but keep your eyes on them and be in the know of their whereabouts.

Speak English only.

When Indigenous youth is present, do not speak other languages (especially Korean) besides English to avoid making them feel isolated and left out.


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