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Love, Obedience, Sacrifice, Patience, Self-control, and Responsibility. For us to be well acquainted with these values as we partake in AYC ministry, we must go through sufficient trainings. Primarily, participating in the meetings organized and provided by AYC is very important. Having said that, it is the individual training that must be emphasized before the group training. We strongly encourage all small group leaders to challenge yourselves and devote your time leading up to AYC camp for your spiritual growth in the Lord as a preparation.

Individual Training

Daily Life in Worship

  1. QT (Quiet Time in the Lord): spending time in the Lord through daily word and prayer is vital. Taking notes of bible verses you would like to share with your small group Indigenous youths is recommended as well.

  2. Intercessory Prayer: please pray for your own spirituality, preparation process, AYC camp and for the Indigenous youths.

  3. Worship: aside from Sunday service, attending early morning service, worship & praise meeting/assembly, etc. is highly recommended for restoration in your relationship with the Lord and to be filled with the Holy Spirit as you prepare for the upcoming mission.

Individual Spiritual Training

  1. As you prepare for AYC camp, dedicate yourself to be free from speaking negative languages and negative thoughts. Doing QT and writing a list of things grateful for is suggested.

  2. Fasting: fasting for a designated time to experience and receive God’s grace on a deeper level is suggested/recommended. Fasting is not limited to meals, but can be fasting from social media, and anything that holds a significant portion of your time and attention in your day-to-day life. Fasting from the things that cause spiritual hindrances and focusing on your relationship with God is recommended.

Group Training Be proactive with Group Trainings

All volunteers participating at AYC will go through the Group Training program (Tribe meeting) prior to the camp. Group Training will be led by the leadership group. Following the instructions from the leadership group is also part of the training. We encourage you to utilize the group meeting time to intercede for one another, keep each other accountable and help motivate each group members to stay on track with their spirituality and trainings.

Intercessory Prayers with Volunteers Group

Each Tribe will be asked to choose one Indigenous town/region for intercessory prayer. Take interest in your assigned Indigenous town and find out more about the town/region and the associated Indigenous group through research, etc.

Preparation Meetings for Volunteers

There are 7 meetings provided by AYC for all volunteers to attend. During the time of preparation for AYC camp, please do prioritize camp related meetings and trainings over other personal social events.

In the event of absence from the meeting due to your home church event, stay conscious of the fact that you are in the preparation process for the mission camp, regardless. Though you are not able to attend the meeting in person that day, persevere with your individual training more so, to be well prepared.

It may be expected that some unforeseen situations come up as we draw closer to the camp date. Be on guard, be mindful of your time and manage yourself thoroughly so that you may be able to participate efficiently.

Educational Training

Know the Indigenous people

When you love someone, you want to get to know that person. In the same way, it is important that we learn about Indigenous nation and get to know them well. In preparation for the camp, we will provide 2 reading materials which entails general introduction of Indigenous people in Canand history of residential school.

Aside from programs and resources provided by AYC, we suggest that you take interest in current news articles and social issues regarding the Indigenous people through other means.

Change the Distorted Perspectives towards the Indigenous people

It is our hope that any potential prejudicial perspective you may have towards the Indigenous people gets uncovered and changed. Please try to lay down your own view of the Indigenous people and see them through the eyes of the Indigenous people. Instead of standing across from them and looking at them, try standing with them and looking towards where their gazes lie on together. Rather than trying to get them to understand us by imposing our point of view, try to immerse yourself into their point of view and understand them.

Please Be Mindful

Everyone has joined AYC for different reasons and motives, but we advise that through all the trainings mentioned above, your thoughts and attitude towards AYC mission camp would grow to be deeper. AYC is not a social justice organization nor is it an outreach program or a volunteer program. Neither is it a worship event program for unification. AYC is a MISSION, through which we introduce God’s love and by doing so, providing an opportunity for the Indigenous youths to accept Jesus Christ and receive eternal salvation.

It is understood that through missions we experience God’s work. But these valuable experiences must be sought after and not expect them to be simply handed to us. For us to experience works of the Holy Spirit and receive His grace to the fullest, we must be diligent in our daily worship in our lives, seek the Lord with all our hearts and be filled with the Holy Spirit in our preparations for the AYC mission camp.


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